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LIST OF MALAYSIA nude artists

Artis-Artis Malaysia Bogel .
I do not remember which is still the place of artists in Malaysia, which led to the nude? Can not remember? Ok, remember the names of Malaysian artists who have brought the nude. Only share an old story and made a model should not watch Channel victim or victims of fraud.

In the early 90s before, Zarina Zainudin Malaysia was a surprise for his energetic action in a home naked (probably the home of their own prejudices). It has been said about 300 photographs of naked through different approaches have been arrested (I era, the camera used Kodak film, Auto-reply). Gosipnya stories, bias, because it was offered by a man to take nude photos of bias and the file will not be disclosed to Malaysia. Due to demand, money and dazzled by the money offered, Zarina agree to play naked in front of the camera. There are also other sources, according to sources that Zarina said to have given the pills by a vision (photographer). In stone, unconscious bias occurred. laaaaa Ye ... my rock As I know. This is true, Patrimonio laaaa ..

Almost 10 years, where Zarina Zainudin is no longer carried the strip of artists. Until mid-2002, an incident occurred channel model and actress hot, and kiss away Nasha Aziz. This case is Nasha Aziz, inattentive child who is home for rent Nasha Aziz. Hidden camera in the living room the air conditioner at home Nasha Aziz. Heard, Nash behavior has been observed that children are ni Umah six months. ... Mak AIII? JE past issues Nasha Aziz my naked, many relatives real drop Petaling Street to buy a CD Nasha Channel. Wooo ready for RM20 only buy my VCD Channel Nasha. He has a history of maximum ... .. As the king of trick VCD. Owhhh .... Now, in 2002, the Internet is so widely used, time TU DVD also does not yet exist. The price of illegal VCDs when near RM8 and RM10.

Then, the story quiet Nasha Aziz. In 2003 or 2004, another case kantoi strip artists. NI Kali, Wan Norazlin porn video too. Norazlin Wan and her husband (when I recorded video, not the status of spouse of the woman) was to express their sexuality in Wan adengan Norazlin own home and also at home and male partner. Not only adengan bedtime is registered in the bathroom adengan have also been registered. Once again, the rich are taukeh pirated VCD shop. Since you have time, internet has not been widely used as it is now. Adengan bed is good news came from the third when Norazlin pasangannnya Wan and had hired someone to edit your video recordings. (Hey you Ker? Laaaa !!!!! I'm Kat Am I the action we are glad that mcm senang2 not?) ...

End of issue Norazlin Wan. At the same time, the question of the photo of Linda rafar and crew were interviewed when Edri nude photos leaked on the Internet. At that time, many Malaysians have been known on the Internet. Edri photos and Linda said that the credit for the Kru group members, Norman and Yusry Edri own. They stated this file is the guarantee for any party that tries to take the name of rafar Kru and Linda (who was a member of the elite). In a sense it is true or not, only they know about the nude photos.

long retreat, the nakedness of my area ... TUP tupppp! Ida Nerina said that the problem of playing with a partner in bed. I look forward to our video you, is valid for qualified, I do not Ida Nerina. Proof of State, although IDA Nerina spit center of Ida Nerina, earrings and chains used for Ida Nerina, I, who Ida Video Nerina. Ida Nerina sebuncit because I like the video but ... Minah Hahahahahahahaha!

Latest photos of naked Zarina Ann Julie with a friend in the big man. Haiiihhhh .... Anak Pontianak dramatic actress is also concerned about the image and character. In addition, recently, Zarina Ann Julie also dicekup by police in a night of entertainment for taking drugs. When I take drugs, even Merenge brain. Every time the behavior has ever done. So tomorrow, nude pictures, sex pictures on Internet.

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