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Video Lucah Luna Maya And Ariel Peterpan Beredar

Since three days ago the universe of entertainment in the homeland commotion by the circulation of news video nasty Luna Maya and Ariel 'Peterpan'.

Starting from a social networking site, two video clips each of which lasted two minutes and six minutes of the circulating viral all over the internet. These videos contain scenes of human pair, whose face was similar to Luna Maya Powerful presenter and former vocalist of Peterpan Ariel aka Nazriel Ilkham, while having sex. The rumor was that they lakoni hot scene in a hotel in Bali in 2009.

So far, both Luna and Ariel, choosing silence in the face of this case. Although denied the chance when it was confirmed, but now they more often avoid the pursuit of reporters. Luna's own time to respond on his Twitter account is 'casual', by telling that the first Lorent Mama had said that his life will be filled with a lot of slander. Indirectly, he states that the circulation of pornographic video is one part of a 'libel'.

If you carefully look at, it is rather difficult to prove whether true perpetrator of these obscene films and Ariel Luna true. In addition to HP cameras recorded using a resolution is not so good, the spread of the video players are also not tracked because it really has mushroomed in a short time. From these observations BisikBisik.Biz team, the woman was quite similar to Luna, but not so with the 'actors' men are not so much like Ariel. In her left thigh there is also a butterfly tattoo yesterday that Luna has been rebutted by stating that he had no such tattoo.

How the development of this case? We'll see about it tomorrow!

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