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Air Mata Ibu "Wan Norazlin

Dulu Zaman Wan Nor Azlin, Sekarang Dunia Luna Maya

"I want to return to the acting world as it is my ability to get a job.

"I want to act as first determined. Give me the chance, "said the former actor, Wan Nor Azlin Wan Mohd Husain.

Almost five years Wan Nor Azlin menyepikan themselves from the world of entertainment, but last Thursday, returning to his name after his term disimbah cat because her husband allegedly owed along with media attention.

For Wan Nor Azlin, he admitted the incident was very depressed, especially during the retreat he was facing a very painful life.

"Only God knows how I face the life that 1.001 may not be able to pass through others. Until one level, my house is auctioned, the car is towed and children had changed schools.

"Everything that I have no source of income. Nevertheless, I still managed to give thanks for love and attention to three of my child, "he said.

According to Wan Nor Azlin, no one knows the incident occurred on the anniversary of his birth-40.

Reported, although suppressed in the deep hole he himself increasingly eager to build a new life.

"After the incident I will try to look for opportunities to act. Previously I have always received an offer from David Teo acting for drama Intan Asmara.

"I already have a script and schedule, but said I should get a confirmation from the RTM whether I stayed or not.

"I was very disappointed because the offer is withdrawn until after the RTM was announced not to suspend me," he said.

Azlin Wan Nor said he is putting high hopes to act again to be able to enjoy a better life.

"To the producers and directors, do not be afraid to take my acting because I did not face any problems and I have never seal," he said, are now covered.

When acting active since 1988, Wan Nor Azlin a character synonymous with 'tears' starred in more than 200 drama and theater.

Among the Heroes premier drama, From Where I Go Where, Love Links, Bangsar, interpretation for Abdah, third generation and women, while the theater is Tanah Abang and Human House.

Wan Nor Azlin also starred in two films, namely The Girls in 1992 and Azam in 1997.

Recognized the role won awards for Best TV Actress Award in 2001 through the drama of Sri Angkasa interpretation for Abdah.

Wan Nor Azlin last show through tele tears Mother, Suria Records Sdn Bhd issue (SRC) produced in the form of video compact discs (VCDs). Selengkapnya...